“I believe MJ Tours is making a positive contribution to the senior community by offering free tours of legal Cannabis Dispensaries. In addition to the tours they offer educational programs to help newcomers in the use of medical cannabis see what is available. They are a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable group. I use cannabis for 2 medical reasons. First as a sleep aid. It has been as effective as a sleeping pill such as Ambien and without the problems of being hungover or diminishing effectiveness. Also, I have discovered, at least for me that vaping a high CBD product has been amazingly effective in treating the pain of arthritis in my hands. Also using a CBD salve directly on the hands was also effective.

These tours can be a major help in educating seniors on the positive uses of marijuana. And allowing people to be comfortable and knowledgeable in a cannabis dispensary.”

Bob Crosby

Paradise Village

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