Is your community prepared for CBD and THC? 

Contact MJ Tours to schedule a free Cannabis 101 lecture for your community. 

Is your community prepared for CBD and THC? 

CBD and cannabis products are now legal in 39 states, either for medical, recreational use or both. Cannabis use among seniors is rising, and they are currently the fastest growing segment of cannabis consumers. A recent University of Colorado study stated that lack of education and communication about cannabis is a major problem for the senior demographic. 

MJ Tours Active Aging program is the leader in CBD and THC education in Southern California, where we have been providing cannabis awareness and education since 2017. Even though cannabis has been legal for medical use since 1996 and adult use since 2018, a large gap remains between what consumers know about cannabis and today’s fully licensed, regulated and tested market. 

The knowledge gap is largest for seniors, and our Cannabis 101 provides information specific to their age and needs. And with untested, unreliable CBD products available everywhere, the need for comprehensive cannabis education is more important than ever. 

Active Aging Cannabis 101 teaches your residents about:

  • How and why cannabis works in the body
  • The difference between CBD and THC
  • Common issues that cannabis can address like inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorders and chronic pain
  • Modern cannabis terminology
  • Modern cannabis products and consumption methods
  • How to consume without getting “high”
  • How to consume without smoking
  • How to read a cannabis product label
  • Dosing and microdosing
  • Talking to your healthcare provider about cannabis
  • Keeping a cannabis journal to track effectiveness
  • The importance of purchasing from licensed dispensaries
  • Educational and reference materials provided

Our classes are provided to senior communities free of charge. We also have regularly scheduled trips to local licensed retailers on our fully insured, luxury shuttles with a brand-specific sponsor on board who focuses on health and wellness. They will discuss common issues of aging like chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety, and an MJ Tours cannabis expert is always on board to provide information, guidance and a friendly ear..

 If you would like to be on the leading edge of senior education and offer your residents a unique class and experience that will empower them to make informed, safe decisions about using cannabis, either CBD or THC, give us a call today. We would be happy to come in and show you exactly what the Active Aging program looks like and how it could inform your residents.